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Pro-Fit' first competitor Nataly Ogenio at the Papa Godett Trophy 2014

Willemstad - Not even two weeks since incorporation, and Pro-Fit Curacao - Health & Curacao will be represented by Nataly Ogenio at the Papa Godett Trophy 2014 an annual boxing event.

Nataly wanted a rematch against Belinda Liesdek from Jab Jab Korsou, as she lost that fight on points (May 10th 2014), but unfortunately Belinda is not able to fight Nataly on May 30th 2014. On May 10th, Nataly represented another gym here on Curacao, but she have decided to continue her career at and with Pro-Fit Curacao. On May 30th Nataly will face Maaike Versteeg from Kamakura in the Middleweight class.

We from Pro-Fit are honored to have such dedicated lady between us and we are proud that she is the first one who will represent Pro-Fit Curacao at an (international) event. Come and cheer for Nataly at the Papa Godett Trophy on May 30th in front of the clubhouse of FOL at the Winston Churchillweg. We will be there as corner men, but we also wish her all the best from the worldwide internet! GO NATALY!

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