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Papa Godett Trophy - a personal battle

Willemstad - Within 2 weeks of the excistence of Pro-Fit Curacao - Health & Martial Arts participated a boxing tournament. Nataly Ogenio was the one who represented Pro-Fit Curacao and she was willing to take a personal revange of her loss on May 10th at the Fighters of the Caribbean. That time she represented another gym.

Nataly was much more relax before the match then on May 10th, what was one of her personal battles she defeated. So we all were very confident about her performance later that evening at the Papa Godett Trophy.

Nataly' fight was the second of he evening and she started tremendous. Her opponent was a little bit surprised by the force of Nataly. Nataly was getting a little bit too excited and she forgot to control her breathing. The last 30 seconds of the first round, her opponent recovered very well and forced Nataly to slow down.

In the second round Nataly wasn't the same and she gave maybe too much in the first round, but there were moments where her soldier mentality took over and she dominated some moments of the 2nd round.

In the 3rd round Nataly just did not want to admit that her body says no, and she continued the fight. This resulted in 2 knock downs, but mainly because Nataly was out of breath. After the first knock down, she excist to continue and once again she dominated for a short moment, but her opponent did a good job and stayed focus. After the 2nd knock down we have decided to throw the towel, as she felt down without a real punch of her opponent, which means it could be a health issue. It was a good decision and the audience confirmed that.

Nataly lost the fight on paper, but she exceeded her own limits and many of us could learn from that mentality. Nataly is doing fine and she is recovering very fast. We know there is work to do and that is what we are definitly are going to do.

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