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We proudly present: OUR NEW LOGO!

Willemstad - Finally we have our new logo thanks to Digi-Artz ( It took longer than we initially expected, but we are very happy with the end result. Our initial logo was temporary, but necessary to start our adventure and existence on the internet and social media.

Our new logo represents Pro-Fit Curacao and its represent all our members (as well the future ones). All our members work very hard, both men and women. The harder you train, the better your shape (the body on the logo). The combination of hard training and the perfection of execution, where Pro-Fit Curacao really focus on, will result in more confidence (fighting spirit - face) and the background is like a ring of fire. That represent each member of Pro-Fit Curacao whether he/ she is a beginner, advanced, competition fighter, is going beyond their limit and of course we at Pro-Fit Curacao help you exceeding your limits. It's your personal battle and with our personal approach you just got an additional tool to fire yourself up.

As mentioned our new logo represents all members, despite the gender and/ or the level in experience of each member. At Pro-Fit Curacao you don't need to go into the ring for being a champ, at Pro-Fit Curacao participation and surviving Pro-Fit' training makes you a champ!

See you soon?


Pro-Fit Curacao - Health & Martial Arts

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