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Busy Year-End for Team PRO-FIT

Willemstad - It is the end of November, which means the end of 2014 is insight. PRO-FIT Curacao would love to look back at a very great start of PRO-FIT Curacao (since May this year), but before PRO-FIT Curacao is able to do the evaluation, they first have three international events to attend, starting November 29th.

PRO-FIT Curacao started this year in the month May. PRO-FIT Curacao did not think about participating so many events this year. Team PRO-FIT is invited for three international events for the remaining weeks in 2014. The first of these events is on November 29th in Curacao.

November 29th' event is "Dominance part IV - The Rematch". Justin Gogulski will represent Team PRO-FIT during a pro MMA bout against Argenio Pietersz (Baassports). Although this is not a rematch, they know each other very well, as they were former training partners. Justin is sharp and ready, but that wasn't possible without the dedicated members of PRO-FIT Curacao. As this event is on the island, come and support Team PRO-FIT with Justin Gogulski. Tickets are available at PRO-FIT Curacao, general ANG 35 & Ringside ANG 65.

December 6th Team PRO-FIT will be represented by Justin Gogulski at a Pro-Boxing event in St. Martin. Justin was invited few months ago by the same promoter, but due unclarified reasons the event was cancelled. Now it is time for a 2nd change and Justin will fight at "This is War". So if you are planning a nice trip to lovely St. Martin, come and support Team PRO-FIT!

December 13th PRO-FIT Curacao received an invitation via CuraBox (Curacao Amateur Boxing Association) for an amateur boxing event in Aruba. This is a great opportunity for the advanced fighters of PRO-FIT Curacao. At this event we have THREE fighters who will represent the honor of Team PRO-FIT. Two of the three (Janice Zimmerman & Rubelly Brederode) fighters will make their debut in the ring, but PRO-FIT Curacao has a lot of confident. At PRO-FIT Curacao we would like all practitioners having fun doing this sport, and if you are ready for the real deal. Even though two of the three will make their debut, PRO-FIT Curacao knows all three of them are ready to rumble. Jason Gogulski is the 3rd team member representing Team PRO-FIT. Jason has already quite some experience in the ring, his opponent in Aruba as well, so that would be a great bout. Despite the opponents, debut etc. it is always a new experience for all of them. Most important thing is to learn from each experience and that is what PRO-FIT Curacao does and teaches. If you are in Aruba on December 13th, please support Team PRO-FIT, Janice Zimmerman, Rubelly Brederode & Jason Gogulski.

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