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Last event for Team PRO-FIT in 2014 & Zimmerman' debut

Willemstad – On December 13th 2014 Team PRO-FIT will have their last event for this year. Janice Zimmerman and Jason Gogulski are a part of the Curacao’ boxing delegation for participating the Amateur Boxing competition in Aruba. Both fighters are ready as they have trained very hard for this.

Janice Zimmerman will make her debut in the ring. Even though she has a kickboxing background, she got great boxing skills as well. She is definitely one of the members who is an example at PRO-FIT Curacao of how you should train, if you would like to go into the ring. Her opponent is on paper more experienced, but we are sure she never met somebody in the ring like our Janice.

Jason Gogulski, despite his age (18), has a very nice record. He fought many times in two of his favorite disciplines Boxing and Kickboxing. As always we believe that Jason will show a different side of him in the ring (in a positive competitive way). And if he will fly through the ring like he can dance, his opponent would have no chance.

Since PRO-FIT existence in May this year, there were three fights for Team PRO-FIT. Unfortunately all of them were losses, even though all our fighters are champs. We are confident that the “chain” of losses will be broken tomorrow. Who of the two will bring back the first win for Team PRO-FIT? Let’s support them by showing our Team spirit!!

The other fighters of this delegation are Grego Scharbaai (Baassports) and Isaac Camelia (Curacao Fighting School). The trainers are Edwin Baas (Baassports) and our own Rob Gogulski (PRO-FIT Curacao).


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