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Team PRO-FIT with 4 Warriors at FOTC 9 May 2015

Willemstad – Finally our first update in the news section in 2015, this doesn’t mean we were inactive, it was actually the opposite. Another reason is that the last few months of 2014 were also very busy and we gained a lot exposure internationally and locally thanks to our brave warriors.

In the beginning of 2015 Team PRO-FIT did not attend any event, but that saying there weren't much events locally or in the region. Our fighters continued training and on May 9th we have 4 fighters who will represent Team PRO-FIT at Fighters of the Caribbean in the International School of Curacao.

We have Rubelly Brederode, Janice Zimmerman, Leroy Breeschoten and Jason Gogulski. Rubelly Brederode will make his debut in amateur boxing, if the promoter is able to match a fight, as his initial opponent is unfortunately injured. Janice Zimmerman will fight her first Kickbox bout after her boxing debut in Aruba December 2014. Leroy Breeschoten will fight his first bout for Team PRO-FIT, and he is our youngest competition fighter (17 years). For Jason Gogulski it will be his last fight for a long time, as he will go to the Netherlands later this year to study.

From left to right: Rubelly Brederode, Jason Gogulski, Leroy Breeschoten, Janice Zimmerman.

All our fighters have trained hard so far and they still have few weeks left to train even harder. Team PRO-FIT could use all your support during the training or more important at the event itself. Cheer for our athletes who, first of all, love what they are doing, but they all going for the win!

PRO-FIT Curacao hopes to update you as soon as possible with other positive news, so please visit our website regularly.

Rob & Gideon

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