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No losses at FOTC 5

Willemstad - What a great performance by our fighters at FOTC (Fighters of the Caribbean) 5. No losses, 2 wins & 2 draws.

Jason Gogulski was the first fighter of PRO-FIT on May 9th 2015 and dominated the match from the beginning. Even though his opponent was very tough and gave some good punches, the experience of Jason was visible and he took the unanimous win. Jason wrote history for PRO-FIT, as he was the first fighter with a win for PRO-FIT Curacao.

Janice and Rubelly were next whereby Janice took the win, whilst Rubelly' match ended in a draw. Even Rubelly's opponent disagreed with that result. Rubelly did a great job and was his first match against a much more experienced fighter (kickboxing and MMA). His opponent had a long reach and worked well, but Rubelly had more action and points from his side, which was not noticed by the judges. Janice fought a lady from Surinam, both were very tired during the fight, but Janice fought very smart and kept scoring with jabs and low kicks. It was a deserved win and the 2nd in PRO-FIT' history, but the first women' win of PRO-FIT Curacao.

The last fight was for Leroy, our youngest competition fighter, he fought a nice and tough opponent from Surinam. Leroy is one of PRO-FIT most talented fighters and he showed his skills again in the ring. His opponent has more experience, but as of Leroy's talent that was not visible. He did a great job, but unfortunately it ended in a draw, whilst the crowd did not agree. It was a good experience for all our fighters anyway.

In all matches our Warriors showed where PRO-FIT Curacao stands for, which is sportsmanship, technical fighters and that hard works does pays off. We hope to have one of our fighters back in the ring soon and the new Dojo will definitely give all our members the total training package.


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