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A New Era for PRO-FIT Curacao

Willemstad - We are happy to announce that we have our own location in the heart of Salinja. We have been to many locations, we have discussed hours about our plans since the beginning of PRO-FIT and finally we can say we have our own location.

The location is at Kaminda Elektrishen #19 (the street in front of the Mc Donalds at Dr. Maalweg) and we are currently busy with renovating our location for all our (new) members. There are dressing rooms, shower facilities, mats for a soft surface (no shoes allowed), 17 heavy punching bags, try out gear and many more. There will be a soft opening soon and the grand opening will follow as soon as we have made all necessary changes we have in our mind.

PRO-FIT Curacao will be the first Dojo who opens their doors 6 days a week with a morning and evening schedule. With our heavy punching bags trainings we will focus on stamina, cardio and power. This is perfect for people who love to (kick)box, without having contact with your trainings partner. Next to that we will start with Judo lessons for kids starting from 5 years old. And of course we continue with our great Muay Thai Kickbox, Box & MMA groups training (indoor and beach) whereby professional, personal & perfection remain our core values at our trainings and with a focus on techniques and condition. Personal training is also available in our full equipped Dojo.

PRO-FIT Curacao offers team building events for companies, sport teams etc. PRO-FIT Curacao is also available for people from abroad who would like to prepare themselves for a fight or for Gyms or just a group of friends from abroad who would like to combine great training with a vacation on Curacao.

PRO-FIT Curacao will also start selling high quality fight gear, such as boxing gloves, shin protections, Judo suits, Muay Thai & MMA shorts, mouthpieces and many more. PRO-FIT Curacao became the official dealer of Booster, Twins, Bad Boys and BAMM (the first Caribbean fight gear brand) on Curacao and the Caribbean.

We will announce the soft opening and the new prices (packages) in combination with the schedules soon. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or email us at We hope to meet you soon at our Dojo!


Rob & Gideon

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