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PRO-FIT Curacao at Aruba's 3-days International Boxing Event

Willemstad / Aruba – PRO-FIT Curacao is currently attending a 3-days international boxing tournament (27, 28, 29 November 2015) in Aruba organized by AruBox. Leroy Breeschoten is going to have his first bout tonight against an Aruban favourite, Guillermo Kelkboom with a record of 7-4-0.

PRO-FIT Curacao was approached on November 9th, with the question whether Leroy was in shape for this bout. Both trainers, Rob & Gideon, were confident that Leroy was more than just in shape. Leroy is spending as much as possible time in our new Dojo and we could see a big change and development in Leroy’s skills. We considered this as a great opportunity for Leroy so he can show his improvement into the ring. His last fight was a kick box fight which ended into a draw. Leroy is eager to win his first bout fight tonight (Friday 27th, 2015) and he might have a 2nd bout on Sunday.

As Leroy is minor aged, according AIBA rules, they need to fight with head protection. As Aruba really wishes to have an opponent for Kelkboom they agreed and we believe that we need to respect the AIBA rules. Rob Gogukski will be Leroy’s coach during this international event.


As AruBox was in urgent need for a fighter for Kelkboom, they were willing to pay at least Leroy’s ticket (normally this need to be arranged individually, unless it is a professional bout), but a trainer had to seek for its own funds. We are very happy that we have found financial support from C-Bay Deluxe Resort and owner Ronald van Es. It is very important that local businesses are willing to support PRO-FIT Curacao’ fighters to realize PRO-FIT Curacao’ fighters and also important it will benefit Curacao as well.


For this tournament PRO-FIT Curacao is a part of the Curacao delegation what exist out of two other fighters, Grego Schaarbaai & Tyrique Brown, both from Baassports. PRO-FIT Curacao wishes them also all the best!

We keep you posted about Leroy’s result on our website and facebook!


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