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Leroy Breeschoten beats local favorite in Aruba.

Oranjestad - Leroy Breeschoten defeated Aruba's local favorite Kelkboom by a unanimous decision. Instead of Friday November 27th, 2015, Leroy had his bout today on Saturday 28th, 2015.

This morning at the weigh-in Kelkboom was too heavy, as he weighed 82.2 kg, whilst the bout was agreed on -81kg, Leroy weighted 73.8kg this morning. Kelkboom had to lose weight otherwise the bout could not continue. After a while Kelkboom achieved to reach the 81kg and thus the bout was on at 4pm local time. Even the huge weight difference, Leroy was still ready to continue and that's because he and the trainers, Rob & Gideon, knew he was ready, even more than before.

According to Rob, Leroy dominated the whole bout and it looked like he did not go a full 100%, but instead he controlled the bout. That is good to know, so he can even speed up if necessary. As always there is room for improvement, which will be discussed with Rob & Gideon as soon as Leroy and Rob are back on the island.

We want to congratulate Leroy Breeschoten with his win and we are happy that PRO-FIT Curacao' approach is pretty successful so far. We also want to thank our sponsor C-Bay Deluxe Resort for making this possible and all our members who believe in us and supported Leroy before his fight!

Tomorrow a PRO-FIT day off, and Monday we kick off the week with a kids our 5pm!


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