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"War in Paradise" Pro Boxing tournament with Justin Gogulski

Willemstad - It is final, Justin Gogulski will represent Pro-Fit Curacao at a pro boxing event in St. Martin on August 2nd 2014. Pro-Fit Curacao will make sure that Justin is ready for the 2nd of August by a lot of personal training and attention.

Pro-Fit Curacao is preparing Justin for another pro boxing match in St. Martin at "War in Paradise" on August 2nd 2014. Justin is the 2nd fighter who will represent Pro-Fit Curacao and this time Pro-Fit Curacao has more time available to work with athlete Justin. Pro-Fit Curacao believes in Justin strength and skills, and therefore Pro-Fit Curacao focus more on a personal approach, alternate with more strength training and quality sparring.

Justin is a good example of how Pro-Fit Curacao works with competition fighters. Pro-Fit Curacao created a whole team around Justin to make sure that every second of training will be used for training. Results are noticeable every training, but like Pro-Fit Curacao and Justin know, there is always room for more improvement.

Justin is very eager to take the cup back to Curacao this time and we believe in Justin. If you would like to see him train and/ or would like to join a training with Justin (and others), please feel free to drop by (beginners as well).

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