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CuraBox boxing event: "Tribute to Muhammad Ali"

​Willemstad – On June 18th, there was finally a fight event in Curacao. CuraBox organized their first boxing event this year (and the first ring event in Curacao this year), with a great fight card. There were 2 exhibition bouts, 10 Amateur bouts and 1 pro-boxing fight. This pro boxing fight was the first since 11 years on Curacao!

The last time PRO-FIT Warriors were active on a local event was back in May 2015, at that time PRO-FIT was full represented on the fight card and this time again. Both exhibition bouts were between PRO-FIT warriors, the first one was Sirio van Es vs Jay van den Brink and the second one was between Jaheim Smith vs Maico Hooftman. These two bouts were great! All very technical skills, but more important they had their first bout in front of an audience. Even though it was their first time, it looked like if all of them were used to perform in front of an audience. The youngsters had some local media attention as well, which resulted in a few interviews. ​​

Official fights

In the first two fights, PRO-FIT was represented by Joey Gogulski who fought Renslely Giribaldi and Plinio Hernandes who fought Errivensley Manzana. Both started training ​​at PRO-FIT few months ago. Both their opponents were tough and unfortunately both of them lost their debut. Considering their age and potential we were not unsatisfied at all, and this was just a good exercise for them. We hope they will have more ring experience shortly.

​In bout number 4 of the official card PRO-FIT warrior Bob van Neutegem made his debut. He started kickboxing with us, but we trained for this boxing bout for the last few weeks. Bob was very nervous, but he remains focused and was the smarter fighter. After three rounds Bob finished his first bout and he took his first win as well!

Bout number 6 another PRO-FIT Warrior entered the ring, this time another debutant in the ​

​person of Jack McAully. He also started training kickboxing, but we focused on boxing the last few weeks. He trained hard and we were happy he did, as he faced a tough opponent. This was the real deal for him and we are very proud that he has won his debut in a real tough fight. It also seemed he loved the ring experience and we can’t wait to see him again entering the ring.

In bout number 8 another debutant,​ Maryn van der Slikke, our newest PRO-FIT warrior and from day one we love his dedication. He made huge progression in a short time and he showed all of us that a ring sport fit him well! He is trying to developing his own style, and put it also in practice. His opponent was also tough, but being smarter and controlling the fight definitely made the difference in this bout, which resulted in a well deserved debut win.

In bout number 10, PRO-FIT Warrior, Leroy Breeschoten, was last minute matched against a local favorite. We as the trainers are super confident about Leroy’s skills and we accepted the fight without thinking. Even though Leroy is not there yet, but he could definitely be considered as region most outstanding talent in his weight class. At PRO-FIT we are aware of that, but the audience and everybody else at the venue witnessed that as well. ​

​Leroy dominated the fight very wisely, making points with almost every punch. His opponent kept on going, but it was way not enough to stand up against Leroy’ talent in combination with hard training. After 3 rounds Leroy also took the win and it was the last amateur fight of the evening.

Fight number 11 was a PRO-BOXING fight between Milangelo Eugenio and our PRO-FIT Warrior and trainer Justin Gogulski. This fight could be considered as "old generation meets the new generation". Milangelo has fought many kickboxing fights and this was his first PRO-BOXING fight. Justin went PRO a while ago, but his last fights did not go the way he wanted to. Therefore he did not fight for a while and we believe that was a good decision. Justin’ preparation was good and his eagerness to win was back again. Justin dominated all rounds, showed great boxing skills, counter attacks, footwork and even taking Milangelo’ power punches. Up until few seconds before the final bell… another power punch to the liver became Justin too much, whilst we initially believed he should get an 8 count, at footage's we noticed a sign from Justin and the referee took a correct action and stopped the fight.

After a short evaluation we can only say that we are super proud of all our warriors. For each warrior we will focus on different things, because winning or losing, we will never make the same mistake twice. As we at PRO-FIT say: PRO-FIT WARRIORS TAKE PAIN SILENTLY AND FIGHT WITH HONOR!! And that is what they all did!! Up to the next event!!

Thank you all for your support!!

Rob, Cesar & Gideon p.s. Thank you Jermaine for your help during the event!

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